Wednesday, February 27, 2008

When One Thing Doesn't Work..Keep Going

Ok, let's not talk about the knitting class I took on fair isle knitting...what a mess, too many yarn dangels for his old brain to deal with at this time LOL...but I did give it a good try.... we had to do the flaps, then cast on, so far so good, then came the zinger, had to wrap the yarn around your neck and then flick the purl stitch around the needle keeping then tension tight. Got lost on my chart and math calculations....geesh this was suppose to be fun LOL..
So I found this cute pattern on the net, Time Thief Watch Cap Jr.
I inquire from a few of my knitting groups on exactly how to carry that unused color and then I was off to the needle. I use Berant Satin Yarn which is a WW yarn. Wow this was great fun and a big boost to a bruised ego, after my fair isle flop.
So after my ego go soothe I went on to do the Time Thief Watch Cap,

Well, so far this year I am not doing to shabby on my hats, nothing lacey, nothing fancy, just me and my sticks having fun. I am glad I stopped being so hard on myself and thinking everything had to be so perfect! Even my flops are learning experiences.

I really like these earflap hats and have will be doing more of these.

Well that is it fer now for me and my knitting adventures.
Now to see what is next to do. Perhaps I will venture out to a baby sweater. Still working on the Baby Surprise Jacket, have to figure out how to do the button band.

Hugs, Dusty

Monday, February 18, 2008

It Actually Works!

I am just amazed! I am actually making this! I have a dear friend that is coaching me. I love the way this little sweater is coming together. This is a preemie size.
Have to figure out the button holes yet and a collar, but as my teacher says, "ONE STEP AT A TIME".
I am so thankful to you my friend for taking the time to help me through this pattern. Getting brave now in my knitting LOL.. Dusty