Thursday, November 19, 2009

Much Needed Update

Wow life stepped in all over the place. I bad, not post since Oct. Some of you have been wondering if I fell off the face of this planet. Never fear, I am here and like the rest of you busy. And now I hear Christmas is like 30 something days ago. Well here I go again like Susan homemaker, can make and do everything in 2 weeks. Why is it we think we have all this time to knit 20 hats and mittens, a scarf or two, do the shopping and sing jingle bells while wearing heels at the same time. Oh all the lovely things I want to do and make, but knowing will stay the course and attempt to get done a reasonable amount. So it has begun:

I knit Adam a nice hat for his birthday. Why is it the men in our family have such large heads! This hat is so big it could be turned into a purse lol.

Next my girlfriend ask me to make some fingerless gloves for her son. So here they are, it is one of my favorite things to make. Allot of people love them as they leave the fingers free.

The current thing I am working on is Mike's hat. Mike decided it was time to shave the head. He had such little hair on top that he had to constantly use goop glue to hold it in place. So enough was enough. So now I gotta make hats for him. Another large head 25 inches, good grief, these hats are huge lol. He looks great with his new look and no more goop to buy.

Of course this posting would not be complete without a picture of the boys. They are very healthy and have their personilities. Timothy our golden boy has become quite the talker. He was so very quiet for so long. He loves to be scratched under his chin and sides of his face.Little Bit, is still our more curious one, he is first to grab anything that I place in the cage. He is always looking for new things to explore. He likes being held on his terms and will make is squeaker noises of disapproval. He is such a rascal sometimes.

I am making my angel pins also, they turn out so nice and I really like giving the to people.
I gave one to a friend of mine. She was going to the funeral home to be with a friend that had lost a 3 month old to sids. When I gave her the pin she asked if she could give it to her friend, and I said of course. (I did make another one for her.) Well, she gave it to the aunt of this child and the woman was overjoyed to receive it. Well, the aunt had a picture of her niece and wanted to do something special so that evening she took the angel pic and weaved a picture of the baby in the body of it. My friend said it was breathtaking. The aunt proceed to tell about me and my ministry of giving out angel pins. Isn't it something how God can take a simple pin and send it to a grieving aunt for comfort, and the Aunt was able to honor her niece. WOW talk about a God thing.
Well see what happens when I do not blog for awhile, LOL, have a great day, off the do the laundry and get knitting. After all I am Susie homemaker and I can do it all...ya right.

Hugs, Dusty