Monday, January 28, 2008

That's A What!

I finished my earflap hat!
I ended up have 89 stitches instead of the 90, but I worked it our okay. Few mistakes here and there but
all in all I did it! I am going to do another one cause it is such a easy one to do. I knit a row on the flap
part when I should have purl, but it still turned out okay. This is a very user friendly pattern.

Next I am finishing up my pocketbook slippers.
These are a fun knit.
I ask hubby, what do you think this is, he was very surprised to
see me put it on my foot. I am hoping to get some help on how this
can be knit in the round to elimate the seaming on the sides. I am not
yet good at seaming stuff together.
Here is a story about these slippers that is so neat!
Well, that is the update on my knitting adventures, plain and simple
designs that I can do.
Till next time, Hugs, Dusty

Friday, January 25, 2008

Winter Fun and Hats and Such

Winter Fun and Hats and Such!

Grandpa went outside and made a mini snowman for Makaila, she was thrilled. Grandpa on the other hand came in with a hurting back and went straight to the icepacks LOL....good thing he did not build a big one!

I decided to concentrate on my knitting skills. I found lots of adorable patterns for earflap hats. The pattern for this one can be found here It was so easy. Next time I will go down a needle size for the rows of ribbing on the brim to tighten it up a bit. See I learned something new already!

This is another version of a earflap hat called the

KY Cozy Earflap Hat. I love it. I did make a few minor mistakes, but it is turning our pretty good. Definitely will be making another one. Pattern was very easy to follow.I will be finishing this one up tonight.

The link to purchase this pattern is:

These booties are so easy to make! I love them!

They are Bev's Stay on Booties and can be found at

I found this website while surfing a few weeks ago and thought it was so delightful!

Judy is such a delight! She is so down to earth! Her knitting videos are so simple to understand.She just put out two knitting videos and is working on, "How to knit". Her how to knit series will take youstep by step in completing a project. Stop by and give her a visit, you will be glad you did!


Well that is it from me for now. Back to my knitting adventures, that is after I do all the daily stuff, then it is knit, wakeup, knit wakeup, knit know how it goes, by the time we get to our fun stuff we take mini naps inbetween.

Hugs and God Bless, thanks for stopping by....Dusty