Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

Makaila at a Christmas school concert.

Christmas sure seemed to come quickly in 2009. It seems like we just go the kids in school and bam, Christmas hits. As always we had a great celebration of Jesus's birth. Mike and I attended a play at church and it was awesome!

We went to my daughter's on Christmas day and then to Mike's mom on Saturday. It was two very busy days. I grab so photo's from my daughter's facebook as her camera takes awesome pics, mine needs some adjustments. Well I am pleased that I was able to hand make some gifts this year. I got 2 hats and 4 pair of fingerless mittens done. I even finished up a bowtie scarf that was in hibernation from last year. Here are some pics of the fun...

Tracy and my daughter Trish made lots of goodies, this is Tracy as she proudly displays all their hard work that day. It sure was yummy especially those chocolate covered pretzels.


The kids are always eager to open up their stockings. What fun it is to see them even as teenagers delight in this tradition.

Makaila, Megan and Megan's friend Kristen. Da Girls


We did a candle ceremony in honor of the kids parents and they all lite a candle off of mom and dads signifying the bond in our family. We expressed our love it was very touching hearing the kids honor mom and dad. Then as we all held our lit candles we sang silent night.

Alway fun at this time of year. Now where are my knitting needles best get started on next years gifts, Hugs, Dusty