Friday, January 30, 2009

Birthday Gifts Done

Well, we were going to celebrate my daughter, Trish's 40th birthday last Sunday. Due to colds and my daughter not feeling well we postponed to this coming Sunday. I am delight to report that I got her felted tote done along with a nice scarf and some fingerless mittens. The mittens were allot of fun to make. The kids will be here tomorrow to help get the decorations up and wrap presents. Our daughter Michelle will be having a birthday the end of February, so I gotten get my knitting needles clicking again. I have her tote halfway done. She will also get some fingerless mitts. Hubby just informed me that he would like a pair also.

Here are the pictures of her stuff... Hugs, Dusty

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tote Progress

This is the progress thus far on my daughter's tote. It is ready for the next step, felting! I have to get a zippered pillowcase on Friday. I am anixous to see how it felts up. So far so good on the knitting end of it.

The pattern for this simple bag can be found here:

I did mine two sizes bigger, cast on 116. I wanted it to be roomy. I hear that they shrink more in hieght than width.

Working on another one that was supposed to be a gift but I like it so much I gonna keep it, going to make a market bag for her instead.

Well my baby girl turns 40 at the end of the month, I hope she likes the tote, where did the time go! More Later, Hugs, Dusty