Sunday, December 16, 2007

Makaila Turns 9. Birthday Dec 19!! She has a cold so Granny blew out the cake candles and she had a snowman ring.

She got a Strawberry Christmas movie from her brother Adam and Toys in Playland from Tyler.

Granny made her some nice warm mittens.

And she got a very nice Musical Clown doll from us.

She had a great time eating cake and is now enjoying her movies.

She is thrilled cause she stills gets another party at home.

Celebrated Makaila birthday this afternoon. We were supposed to go to her house today but we were hit
with a huge snow storm, so we had a party at Granny's. It was a fun filled afternoon, now where is my pillow LOL...

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Love This Time Of Year!

Got my tree up and trying to get out the rest of the decorations. My back has been giving me fits again so I have to do things in stages. I wanted to make sure I wished all of you my dear friends a very Merry Christmas. Know that I keep you all in my prayers.

I have been busy as you with the season. I have fudge to make and rice krispie treats, I add M&M's to them and they are a big hit with the adults as well as the kids. I have to get my sewing room set up and get my pillow cases made. The children always enjoy getting the pillows. I am finishing up a pair of mittens for my grand daughter and they turned out really cute. I will post some pictures when I get them finished. Makaila has been asking for a fish, so I am going to get her one for Christmas. I think I am having more fun than the kids. We are blessed to have the children on Christmas eve this year again. On Christmas eve we go to church and focus on the meaning of Christmas....the kids enjoy it so much. Please email me and let me know what are some Christmas traditions you share with your family.

Huggers, Dusty