Monday, July 30, 2007

Count Down Time

We are in the home stretch now!! Wedding is this coming Sunday! Lots of traveling to do this week. I went last Thursday and got my dress. I was getting concerned cause I waited so long and all the stores are putting in their fall items. Michelle wanted me to get something with yellow in after 3 stores and lots of walking, my girlfriend and I found the perfect dress and get was $90 on sale for 39.99 and another 30% off that! Then I went shopping to try to find shoes to match....well I found a really cute pair....$67 on sale for $20! Now hubby said don't be telling everyone how much you spent...LOL...come on girls don't we just love to share our good finds! I then found a purse at was on sale too!! Next I have to get my a manicure and a haircut. Friday is the rehearsal dinner and then Sunday the wedding, lots of road time over the weekend.

My feet are doing much better after a couple of weeks of pain. I got some of those cogs from the Dr's office and what a difference they make. I still have some pain but it is much better. Bone spurs are just awful!!

I have been playing a game called "Animal Crossing" and it is so much fun. My daughter is into it also..the game is for 6 and up...we are the up part LOL....we play it on the game cube. Makaila thinks it is a great game.

You have a house and fill it with a dollhouse. I have not have time to knit...hmmmmmmmmm I think I need to balance my game time with knitting..

Well here are some more pics of Tyler and Makaila having fun. It is a riot watching them play in the water.

Hugs, Dusty

Makaila giggled cause she thought he was so silly, she did not know that dogs like water sometimes.

Tyler loves to get sprayed by Tiki, it is so funny to watch him get a face full of water.

Dusty thought it looked pretty good to get cooled down so he joined Makaila in the water.

Face full of summer fun!

Give two kids a small pool, a hose and a dog and you have a great combo of fun.
Next post I will try to have some pics of the wedding.
God Bless and thanks for stopping by.
Hugs, Dusty

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ramblings of the past week

Isn't he just busy chowing down LOL....we are enjoying our animals on our deck. They knock down the feeder so we just let it set on our porch. My window box is looking a bit sparse as we have a new member, a groundhog who thinks grannie's flowers taste good. Grannie is not amused.

My camera is not working. The card need to be reformatted. I tried to do it but it did not work. My brother said it was easy...isn't it always easy when you know how.

We are now getting geared up for the wedding on Aug 5. My feet are flaring up again with the bone spurs. I have an appointment tomorrow. I am waiting for a game called Animal Crossing for the gamecube. My daughter took my other copy and has been having a good time with it. It is a silly game where you just create a town and gather stuff. It is for ages 6 and daughter is the up group. Lot's of adults are playing this game and having a good time. So I got me a copy so I could join in on the fun. The grandkids think it is great as they are playing it at home. Looks like I might have to be on the outlook for another gamecube. The things that amuse are are indeed a wonder at times. Like Ace Ventura says....ALL RIGHTY THEN!

I was very excited when I won the bid on Ebay for some Adventures in Odysedy tapes. They are great tapes with moral lessons in each one. I know the grandkids will love them. I am putting them back for Christmas. I have started to squirrel away presents. I know this is only July, that is what I thought last year and whoosh, it was December.

On August 12 we will have been here for a whole year already, wow, that went fast. We are renewing our contract. I really love our new location and hope we can stay here for a few years.

Well, time to get my day going, God Bless and catch you all later, hopefully with a fixed camera.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Michelle's Bridal Shower

The Bridal Shower was so much fun! Although it was terribly hot in the resturant. The air was not working correctly and the fans were broke. So among melting guests and candy we did manage to have a great time.
This picture starting from the left is: Leona my mother-in-law, then my daughter's Michelle and Trish. Seems like I turned my back and they became grown women.

This picture is from the left: Dusty, Mom Whelan and our beautiful bride to be, Michelle.

Dusty and daughter Trish. Trish is, Adam, Tyler's, and Makaila's mom. She look so prety in her dress!

It was indeed a lovely afternoon. Watching you children grow and move into their lives is amazing!
I wanted to quick share some pictures of Tyler having fun in the sun. It is so hard to get good pictures of him. For those of you who do not know, Tyler is Austistic. I caregive for him 5 days a week. He is 13 now and is such a delightful child. Most of the time he is happy. Tyler is non-verbal. Tyler loves the water as you can see in these pictures. He also loves movies, and going to the malls and stores. He loves to swing in the park, the higher the better. I just the these pictures of him, especially the one's with grandpa.

So much fun and what fun it was taking the pictures! Well, now to get ready for the wedding on August 5th. I still have to buy a dress. My camera is stuck in picture error mode so now I have to track down what is up with that. Yikes I gotta have my camera LOL....Have a great week. Hugs, Dusty

Friday, July 6, 2007

Chipmonk Friend and Scarves

Isn't this just the cutest. Hubby is so delighted we have a chipmonk! The squirrels got quite frisky and down came the bird feeder so we put it on our porch. This little fellow is taking his turn among the bunny's, birds and squirrels.Such a treat to watch them!

Finished my green bowtie scarf, I just have to weave in the ends. The pattern went quickly. You can find the pattern in my patterns section. Next is my red on in progress..this one takes a bit more as I have a reversible cable going down the center of it. Picture did not come out as clear as I wanted it to. My LYS showed me how to do the cable.

Getting geared up for the shower on Sunday for Michelle. I went and brought her one of those big Jewerly cases on wheels for all her jewerly makings. I had a 40% off coupon which saved alot on it.

Well till next time,

Still on the Potter's Wheel, Hugs, Dusty